Uniform Information

All students at Dunston Primary School are required to wear school uniform attire.  Our school colors are bright red, yellow, white and navy blue. Uniform pants, jumpers, or skirts should be khaki or navy blue.  Black is not a uniform color at Dunston.  Blouses or shirts with collars  should be white, yellow, navy blue, or bright red.  Tee-shirts may not be substituted for uniforms. 

Girls like to dress up their uniforms at Dunston with hair bows or ties on their blouses.  These are acceptable if they are in uniform colors. 

All students should wear closed-toe shoes with socks.  This is a safety precaution.  

All students should wear clothing that fits well. Boys and girls should wear belts with their pants or skirts if the clothing has belt loops. 

Local stores sell school uniforms.  The school will sponsor a tee-shirt sale during the year.  The official school tee-shirt is the only tee-shirt approved for wear at Dunston.