Coach Foister - PE


Coach Foister

Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education at Dunston Primary! My name is Coach Foister.  I am a graduate of the College of Charleston.  I began teaching PE at Dunston in March 2017 and am very excited to return for the 2018-2019 school year!

In physical education, we will learn

-body awareness through dance, gymnastics, and jump rope,

-hand eye coordination through football, basketball, frisbee, and bowling,

-hand eye extension coordination through tennis, tee ball, and golf,

-and foot eye coordination through soccer.

We will also learn wellness concepts including, but not limited to: sportsmanship, nutrition, personal hygiene, bones and muscles of the body, and heart health.

As a teacher, I recognize that all children are at different developmental levels, with a variety of needs and interests. For this reason, in every class I will work to provide all children with experiences that are both beneficial and enjoyable. Each lesson is designed for the wide range of skill and fitness levels that characterize children in elementary school.  

Students will have PE on a rotating schedule for 40 minutes.  To be prepared for PE, students need to wear tennis shoes and shorts/pants.  Please wear shorts under skirts or dresses.  Due to safety concerns, students in sandals, heels, or boots will be assigned to walk laps or complete a written activity instead of participating in planned PE activities.  After two warnings, students will have 2 points deducted from participation grade for not wearing correct shoes. Please be prepared for students to get dirty during PE, as we will spend many classes outdoors.

PE grades will be based on participation during class, attitude towards self, peers, and teacher, and two projects given during the year.

If your student cannot participate in physical education for any reason (health or otherwise), please send a signed letter explaining why and the dates that the student will be unable to participate.

I look forward to an exciting year with all of our students!

Coach Foister